Our Story

Although born in East St. Louis, Illinois MaShia resided in and called Saint Louis, Missouri home for the majority of her life. The name of our brand, Alex Emihl, has a very special meaning to our founder.

Months of excitement and anticipation for MaShia and her family were followed by incredible grief when in September of 2000, MaShia’s younger sister, Alex Emihl, was stillborn. Throughout the years MaShia carried her sister's memory with her. Not knowing what her future business venture would be, she knew that venture would celebrate and pay tribute to Alex. An avid traveler herself, MaShia found the dirt and debris from her footwear to not only be an inconvenience, but also compromising to the other belongings in her luggage. Determined to find a better way to store footwear during travel while also making a fashionable statement, the concept of Alex Emihl came to MaShia while unpacking her luggage after returning home from a leisure trip.

From the Midwest to the West Coast, the heart of Tucson, Arizona is where her vision came to life!